Covid-19 / HES code


General Health Board of Antalya issued an update regarding Covid-19 that the people who are 65 and over are allowed to be in public areas between 10:00-17:00 hours in a day for ONLY Turkish Citizens. Other nationalities are not effected with this regulation.

HES code is mandatory to go the banks and public offices.

Turkish citizens and foreigners – who have residency permission- can get the HES code with; HES mobile application, SMS to 2023 and E-devlet

If you do not have a resident permission and need to go to public offices or banks;

send an SMS to 2023 with following details


forexample; for a German citizen


Send to 2023 as an SMS

Please be aware that the system does not work properly at the moment. So, even if you enter all your info correctly, you may still not get the code. Also note that the SMS should be send through a Turkish Mobile number. Foreign numbers are not working at the moment

Please feel free to contact us if you have any difficulties regarding to this matter.